Mountain Murders

Not your typical Appalachian True Crime Podcast hosted by Heather & Dylan. Who knew mountains could be so deadly? Are you ready to embark on a perilous journey through the treacherous peaks of true crime? Welcome to Mountain Murders True Crime, where chilling tales of mayhem and mystery await! Join our intrepid hosts as they navigate the dark side of nature, exploring crimes that will make your hair stand on end. From mysterious disappearances to shocking homicides, our podcast will have you on the edge of your seat, clutching your hiking gear tightly. So grab your headphones, strap on your adventure boots, and get ready for a wild ride through the untamed world of Mountain Murders True Crime!
October 01, 202300:53:5449.35 MB

The Slander Murder

WB Cole was a well-respected mill owner in Rockingham, NC. His daughter Elizabeth became involved w...

September 27, 202300:41:1137.7 MB

Dangerous Cults

Ahead of Halloween, Mountain Murders dedicated this episode to discuss some of the most dangerous a...

September 25, 202301:07:4161.96 MB

The Tragic Murder of Rita Curran

In 1971, Rita Curran was a 24 year old young woman who recently gained employment as a second grade...

September 21, 202300:43:2739.77 MB

Viking Gangs in the Midwest

On this week's episode we discuss the dangerous roving gangs of Norse Pagan Vikings taking over the...

September 18, 202301:05:5760.37 MB

Sabrina Zunich

Sabrina Zunich was a troubled young woman who had grown up in a dysfunctional family situation. She...

September 13, 202300:42:5139.23 MB

Take Your Kids to the Fight Day

This week Mountain Murders recaps some of the latest in true crime news including updates on the fu...