The DeFeo Family Massacre & The Amityville Horror
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The DeFeo Family Massacre & The Amityville Horror

In 1974, five members of the DeFeo family was brutally murdered in their Amityville home known as High Hopes. Ronnie Defeo Jr known as Butch, the eldest son of Ronald and Louise, confessed to killing his parents-but claimed his sister Dawn had murdered the siblings Marc, John and Allison. After a brief trial, Butch was found guilty of first degree murder in the massacre. 13 months later, George and Kathy Lutz along with their 3 children moved into the home. At first things seemed normal but soon the Lutz' claim they were tormented by malovent spirits for 28 days before fleeing the house for good. What followed was a media firestorm. The highly publicized account of demonic activity became a best selling book and blockbuster film. Yet many say the Lutz' story was a hoax. Mountain Murders takes a look at the infamous Amityville Horror case -and its aftermath.

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